North American T-6G Texan

The first four T-6's arrived at Wattay on January 9, 1961, being on loan from the RTAF. Two days later, on January 11, they flew their first mission. As the RLAF didn't have enough qualified T-6 pilots, RTAF volunteer pilots flew a considerable number of strike missions. At least five aircraft were lost, one T-6 being shot down by ground fire on January 17. Another T-6 crashed on March 11 during a training flight. On the following day, two T-6's collided in mid-air, with a fifth T-6 being shot down on March 31 by 12.7mm ground fire. The RTAF pilot was rescued by an Air America helicopter.

During April 1962, four T-6 Texans were deployed to the northwestern town of Luang Prabang, to support Royal Lao Army operations. Perhaps more importantly, the Texans were deployed to Luang Prabang with the aim of attempting to intercept any of the Soviet or North Vietnamese transport aircraft which were dropping supplies to the Pathet Lao. Perhaps more by chance than intention, one Iljushin Il-14 Crate was encountered during a mission, and severly damaged. The RLAF pilot, Lt Khamphanh, managed to hit the Il-14's right engine with a rocket. It was later learned, through radio intercepts, that the Il-14 had crashed, killing the two Russian pilots.

By August 1963, the last remaining T-6's, which apparently were unserviceable, were airlifted back to Thailand and returned to the RTAF.