Douglas AC-47D Spooky

In 1969 it was planned to convert four C-47s to AC-47 standard, but this plan was abandoned when 8 former SVNAF C-47s became available (five in July 1969, the last in October 1969), and 5 were converted into gunships by late September 1969. Although initial operations proved to be somewhat disappointing, the experience of the AC-47D crews grew rapidly. In December 1969 a further eight AC-47Ds were transferred to the RLAF after the de-activation of the USAF's 3rd SOS in Vietnam. By January 1970 a total of thirteen AC-47s, generally known under their USAF call sign "Spooky", were in use. Although deemed a success, two had been lost by mid 1970, including one aircraft on June 27. Only nine aircraft remained in service by late 1970. It is possible that additional USAF AC-47D gunships were recieved in 1970 and 1972. By 1973, two of the eight available aircraft had their armament removed, and were transferred to ordinary airlift and supply operations.

The batch of USAF AC-47Ds supplied in 1969 included aircraft drawn from 348263 (43-263), 51117 (117), 349211, 349423, 349516, 476370, 50927, 51047, 51057, 51121.